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Gear switch - MRT series

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MRT  1

Product features MRT series knob switch, which can be used with 1 ~ 8 groups of poles, and can be added with off segment, with 16 types; In addition to the off section, the 8th pole can also be used as off. The height of the button can be selected in a variety of sizes, and there is a positioning edge design to help the client use it together.

The knob switch positions the pole position according to the angle. We can provide 360 degree rotation limit and infinite position specifications, which can be used with the design you want.

In addition, the MRT series adopts the PCB pin position design. Therefore, we set the whole series as [Gold Pin], which can not only maintain good and stable conduction function, but also maintain product quality. In use, we provide two kinds of height and handle length as the standard. In the standard appearance, we add the design of phase anti stupidity and function anti stupidity to effectively reduce the trouble during assembly. It can be applied to the man-machine interface of the front panel of the instrument and the audio-visual control board.