Provide a series of technical resources to make customers' life easier.

Tools such as 3D model and comparison of similar products of manufacturers provide support for designers by providing alternative models and CAD files of various switches.

The certification page shows the various certifications held and the information related to the customer's final product, while the IP level chart describes how various IP levels are related to waterproof and dustproof.

The glossary helps users browse various terms related to products in the industry, while the Frequently Asked Questions page provides valuable reference information based on the experience of other users when purchasing or using our products.

Our original intention of designing these pages is to make customers' life more convenient. I hope we can really bring this effect to you.

3D Model ─ Connect and download more than 100 format types of 3D models



Product comparison table ─ Connect to other manufacturers' products comparing Cha Zhaohua part number

Often ask questions ─ Frequently asked questions about switches and connectors

Furnace temperature curve ─ Common terms in the industry

Degree of protection ─ Diagram of degree of protection